The Conference (2016)

My background is in mathematics and in climate science, and I draw on those experiences in creating my art. The Conference was inspired originally by a visualization that appeared in a climate paper comparing the results of an ensemble of climate models. Each row represented a model, and each column represented a measured variable, and the colors of the triangles represented errors compared to two reference sets. I thought it was a brilliant way to represent a complicated comparison, and more importantly for art, I thought the result was gorgeous.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 12.33.04 PM.png

Figure 9.7 from the IPCC Assessment Report 5 (link)

I decided to use a four color palette for my piece: dark blue, light blue, yellow, and red, and I used a simple random sample to randomly assign one of the four colors to each of the triangular spaces on the canvas. I started with a dark blue background:

Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a simple blue background. I did put some more dark blues into it before putting on the grid lines:

Finally I transferred the random sample pattern to the canvas, taped things off, and painstakingly did the colored triangles one hue at a time:

After touching up the (many) parts that leaked through the tape, I was done! Before I came up with a real title I just numbered it descriptively as part of the Antipattern series.

Finished! Antipattern VIII (Uniform). Acrylic, 20×24" #art #math #corvallis

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The piece is on display at the Studio262 gallery in Corvallis, OR, and is for sale for $880. You can get prints at


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