Sunbathers and the Saint


A large portion of the artists that I follow on Instagram make gorgeous surrealist collage. People like Karen Lynch (leafandpetalvintage)

and Penny (penneliz)

and Terry Ringler (trashriot)

Normally I do abstract collage, with lots of geometric patterns. But I figured making something more surreal would be a lot of fun. I came up with a couple things: The Saint Surveys His Solitude and Sunbathers. The shapes making the clouds in The Saint are from a pre-fall-of-the-USSR picture from east Germany – huge blocks of gleaming white apartment buildings that I saw in there poorly-maintained state three decades later when I was in Germany in 2008. Seeing them as brand new and modern is a trip.



The Saint Surveys His Solitude, collage, 2016. 5×7 inches.

Do you think he’s lonely? Up there on the mountain?


Sunbathers, collage, 2016, 5×7 inches.

They look so comfortable. But also cold.

Analog collage, and especially surrealist collage, is really satisfying – you should try it yourself! I’ll definitely be doing more of these.

Here’s The Saint on Fine Art America.



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