Glass House


Glass House – 14×10 Inches, collage.
Print available from Fine Art America here.

Notes – I love the differences in textures in the magazine clippings used here. There are some snippets from a comic book, a black-and-white image of an MSG crystal from a 50s science magazine, New York skyscrapers from a picture taken in the 70s, and even some charts from the economist. Along with the things mentioned in the series statement, I love looking at the kind of art that plays tricks on my eyes. I’d say op art, but I don’t think this is really op art. It does have some kind of effect though, like looking into a kaleidoscope.

Series statement:

Perfect symmetry, while simple to describe mathematically and create with a computer algorithm, is rare in nature. Natural objects exhibiting near-perfect symmetry are striking — mineral crystals, leaves, flowers, animals, canyons, and mountains — but in nearly every case, a closer look reveals differences across supposed lines of symmetry.

The ability to recognize an underlying symmetric form in an image that is mathematically asymmetrical is an example of the highly developed human ability to find and describe patterns. The following series of collages explores this by enforcing reflectional symmetry in geometric shapes. The symmetry is deliberately approximated by using two separate pieces of the same image for each supposed reflection.