About Me


My name is Daniel Watkins. I am a graduate student in atmospheric science at Oregon State University, where I do research on the Arctic climate system using climate models and weather balloon data. Prior to coming to Corvallis, I studied mathematics at Drexel University and at BYU-Idaho.

When I’m not wrestling with model output and getting frustrated with the bugs I’ve written into my code, you can find me… well, that formulation won’t work very well cause I have too many hobbies and side projects. These include: making collage art, making collage comics, making regular comics, playing and teaching guitar, songwriting, making music videos, writing about science, going on hikes, cycling, reading, playing board games, and hanging out with my wife and kids.

As of December 2018, I’m a host on Inspiration Dissemination, a science radio show and podcast at Oregon State University. Also as of December 2018, I’m a Science Communication Fellow at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.


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