Album Art

To me a music album is much greater than the sum of its parts. I have a much harder time picking out lists of favorite songs than I do picking favorite albums. And the best albums aren’t just songs – they have great art as well. The best art is art that looks the way that the album feels. Think of Sgt. Peppers, St. Elsewhere, anything by Belle and Sebastian, Odelay, … maybe I’ll make a big gallery of favorites later. Anyway, I also love designing album covers. I’d love to design the cover for your band’s next album.

An Ad Hoc Ecosystem by Mons La Hire

Mons La Hire is my band. On our debut album An Ad Hoc Ecosystem, I used collage and found poetry for the lyrics — pulling phrases and sentence fragments out of a pile of books and magazines and rearranging them to make the lyrics. It seemed only fitting that the cover art be collage as well. I had done little collage before this, but I enjoyed the process and the result so much that collage has become the primary medium in my art.

LIVE on KBVR by Mons La Hire


Oregon State University’s radio and tv station, KBVR, runs a program called Locals Live that features performances from local bands on live television. Mons La Hire got a chance to go on this last summer, which you can watch  on YouTube. We’re currently mastering the audio for an album release.