Artist bio

IMG_0596Daniel Watkins is an artist based in Corvallis, OR. His background in mathematics and earth sciences informs and inspires his art. Daniel is interested the visual consequences of mathematical concepts such as symmetry, random processes, and pattern recognition.

Perfect symmetry, while simple to describe mathematically and create with a computer algorithm, is rare in nature. Natural objects exhibiting near-perfect symmetry are striking — mineral crystals, leaves, flowers, animals, canyons, and mountains — but in nearly every case, a closer look reveals differences across supposed lines of symmetry.

The ability to recognize an underlying symmetric form in an image that is mathematically asymmetrical is an example of the highly developed human ability to find and describe patterns.

With Anthony Heatherly, Daniel runs a collage webcomic called That’s Not Math (

Other websites:
Fine Art America

January 2018 – Joint show with Chris Adams at Bison Bison!, Corvallis, OR
November 2017 – University of Oregon Critical Art Show (Juried), Eugene, OR
August 2017 – That’s Not Math at Parallel Worlds Comics, Salem, OR
May-June 2017 – CEI ArtWorks, Corvallis, OR
April 2017 – Imagine Coffee, Corvallis, OR (Montage Art Collective Group Show)
February 2017 – Momento Ink Gallery, Springfield OR
Jan-Jun 2017 – Beth Ray Center Student Art Show (Juried)
Nov-Dec 2016 – Studio 262 Holiday Sale
April 2016 – Montage Art Collective Spring Fundraiser
March 2016 – Howland Community Open, Corvallis Arts Center
March 2016 – Sunnyside Up Cafe (with Francisco Morales)
December 10, 2015 – Advocate Loft, Corvallis Arts Walk

March 15, 2016 –  Bison Bison! Gallery – Creative Destruction: Experiments in Collage

Publications and Features:
August 2018 – Going Places included in Resistentialism (poetry and art compilation)
June 2018 – Cover art for jazz saxophone textbook From The Inside Out
February 8, 2017 – Featured artist in Ampersand Lit magazine
January 17, 2017 – Featured artist at For Example
February 2016 – Feature article at the Teleporting Moth
Winter 2016 – Prism Magazine – Drift Creek Falls

Album art:
October 2018 – Kind of Neutral, Kind of Blue by Mons La Hire
September 2018 – There You Go Thinking Again by Four
October 2016 – Corvallis DIY Compilation Volume II
March 2016 – An Ad Hoc Ecosystem by Mons La Hire


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